Constant panting and lethargy

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Constant panting and lethargy

Postby 32many » Tue May 23, 2017 8:39 pm


I have a neutered male sheltie who will be 7 in July. (Miko) Lately he has been exhibiting some troubling issues and I'm wondering if anyone here will recognize the symptoms and point us in the right direction. (or at least have an educated guess) We have taken him to the vet and he's had xrays and blood work done... but nothing is jumping out as the culprit, so our vet is a bit stumped on where to go next.

- for the past 4-6 weeks he's been panting/breathing rapidly constantly - even when he's sleeping and his mouth is closed, his breathing is very shallow and fast. (from time to time he wheezes as well... but it comes and goes)

- he takes ages to settle down - he paces around the living room looking for spot - he's restless and it's like he can't get comfortable

- he's always thirsty (but I think it's because his mouth is dry from all the panting)

- xray showed some soft tissue swelling (within normal range) on one of his elbows - early arthritis suspected - not bad enough to cause the constant panting and he's not even limping.

- nothing in the heart xray was noticed that would be causing his symptoms, however his ProBNP result was 1594 (1501-1800 is normal), but 1594 is considered "elevated/increased".

- his lung xrays showed "diffuse bronchointerstitial pulmonary pattern - it's unclear as to whether this is due to geriatric change or disease.

So our choices are now to pursue a diagnosis via an ultrasound of the heart or a biopsy of lung tissue. I was just wondering if these symptoms/results ring any bells for anyone? Perhaps someone has been through something similar and could point us in one direction or the other.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Constant panting and lethargy

Postby Montana » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:09 pm

I don’t have an answer for you, but my 9 year old female sheltie has the same issues. An X-ray did show her gall bladder filled with a gel instead of liquid, something we were told is inherent in some shelties. A medication cleared it up and she seemed to do better. We still can’t take her on longer walks, and now she is licking her feet.
That’s what little I can tell you. Please post any answers you have found

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