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41 Shelties Being Ridiculous

By Becky Casale | About | Download her Ebook

Shelties are a hilarious and quirky dog breed. When I asked our readers about the most ridiculous thing their Sheltie did recently, this is what came back.

Have you ever seen a giant ball of fluff run around the living room seventeen times? How about a ball of fluff that rolls on his back, waggles all four limbs in the air, then flops back over with long ear-fur hanging over his face, grinning at you with sparkling eyes? If not, you've never met a Sheltie.

Funny Sheltie dog sleeping awkwardly on the floor

Piper is comfortable

Download Shelties: The Complete Pet Owner's Guide Two funny Shelties laying on the bed

Check out the bed hair.

Sheltie and man sitting at computer desk being funny

Work is hard... let's hug.

Close up of Sheltie dog face

Piper getting all up in the camera.

Sheltie puppy chewing up newspaper and making a mess

Howard chewed anything he could get his teeth into when he was a puppy

Sheltie dogs playing at the beach in New Zealand

Mid-zoomies on the beach, pausing to bite each others' necks.

Sheltie puppy chewing on plush dog toy

Puppy Howard, chomping on his dog toy.

Cute Sheltie dog singing at the beach

Piper pauses to give us a song at the beach

Author Bio

Becky Casale is the author of Sheltie Planet and Science Me. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, two children, and Piper Woofington Moon.

Download Shelties: The Complete Pet Owner's Guide