Kay, the Shetland sheepdog

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Kay, the Shetland sheepdog

Post by Ice » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:38 pm

Got her! My new shetland sheepdog is a dark shaded sable. Her name is Kay, and she is cute and very fluffy. Kay is 9 months year old, and she is so loyal and. caring! Quriky as she is , she is very reserved around strangers, and I think she is scared of other dogs. We take her out on walks arcoss the beach, and whenever she sees a dog, she shrinks into my leg and whines. Here is Kay's Story. Kay, when she was 6 months was found in the woods, starving and miserable. Locals said she would bite younger children, and show up at peoples doors for food.She smiled sweetly, and then the door would close and she walked to the forest. A resuer found her and she had stayed in the hospital. Now she is lively and happy, and I love her. I understand the shyness, but hopefully with more visits, she will be not afraid.

P.S. The locals that wouldn't feed her are very...cruel. Sorry to the locals, but I would have at least let her in and helped her!

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Re: Kay, the Shetland sheepdog

Post by Hanne » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:40 am

Fortunately, there are people with a big heart like you. :)
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