Price, costs

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Price, costs

Postby doglover » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:59 am

Hi. This is my first post here as we are thinking of getting a sheltie. Our biggest concern is price. How much would it cost to keep the dog, vet bills(how healthy are they) and the dog itself(breeder).
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Re: Price, costs

Postby BnB2171 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 1:11 am

I paid $1,000 for my sheltie, she came from championship bred parents. I found it incredibly hard to find a breeder. It took me 5 months of emailing every night. Most people don't update their sit or have other contact numbers. The first year you will have to add rabies shots and vaccines which was easily between $300-$500. Then the year following you will need the booster and regular vaccines. I had her booster, bortaello, and bravecto and heart guard done for $350 this year on her 1st birthday. Bravecto is a pill for 6 months at a time which protects from fleas and tics. Bortaello is for kennel cough (dog flu shot), heart guard to protect against mosquitoes and then of course the vet appointment fees that I feel are just robbery lol. I lay $24 a month for accident insurance with pets plus us not included in my estimate.
I've estimated my dogs food, shots, vaccines and treats to be between $800-$900 a year. I also do all of my grooming myself. For pre dog supplies like a bed, crate, grooming supplies leash collar etc I spent about $400-$500, but I have spoiled her with those things lol she has two dog beds, a cooling mat, a teepee a crate and millions of toys. Winter jackets and rain coats.
Trust me you'll want a rain coat, because drying the dog down after a walk with a double coat is impossible!
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