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Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:02 am
by JaneL
Hello every one,
I am a relatively new sheltie owner. I adopted a rescue sheltie in Feb. fortunately just before Covid 19 hit my area and everything closed down. We were only able to get PJ to a groomer last month. It was necessary to cut his fur as he had never been properly groomed by his previous owner and had an incredibly thick undercoat. The groomer did an excellent job but PJ no longer has a full sheltie coat. I had this done knowing his fur might not grow back but it was done for his health. As any one had a similar experience and are willing to share? I am particularly interested in the out come. Did your dog's fur grow back? How long did it take.?
Despite the conditions PJ lived in, he has a sweet nature and we are happy to have him as part of our "pack".