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New to Group

Post by Natalie » Sat Jul 24, 2021 6:14 pm

Hi. I am new to the group. I wanted to introduce our new addition. We call him Prince. He is the third Sheltie we have owned over the years. We were very lucky to find him. A local breeder's dog had an unexpected seven pups and only four people on her waiting list so we got one much sooner than we expected. We are delighted. He's wonderful. The picture is from when we first brought him home. He is now four months, has had all his shots and he's as smart as anything. He can already do so many things like walk at heel, sit, shake paw, come when called and he's learning more every day. He was initially a very shy boy, slow to warm up and really cautious with strangers, which I think is typical for Shelties, but he has gained confidence and is a lot bolder now, as long as he knows you. He actually doesn't bark very much, only for a good reason such as he wants to go out or he's hungry or he wants to play or he's bored. He's a remarkably even tempered and easy going pup. Like all puppies he chews so we have to keep him in lots of chewing stuff or he tears stuff up. Normal puppy stuff. He took a bit longer to housebreak than other dogs we've had but we don't have that problem anymore.

We are retired folk and he is our constant companion. He's happiest when he's beside us and we're happiest with him nearby. We have one other dog, a 4 year old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross female who thinks he's her baby and two cats, a grouchy 14 year old Siamese cross who is boss of everybody in the house and a 10 month old Siamese/Himalayan cross kitten who loves to play tag with Prince. Of course Prince is always it.

Thank you for giving me a chance to brag.