Sheltie and the Cat

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Sheltie and the Cat

Postby karanne » Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:20 pm

Echo is our first sheltie and he will be a year old on March 25th. He came into the house with a 9 yr old Cat, Smokey. He and Smokey have had their struggles but they both seem to get along. Echo likes to herd Smokey when he can, and tries to prompt him to play, but overall Smokey pretty much ignores him. Well this past weekend, I gave Echo a treat. Smokey was hanging out in the office with me and Echo came in. Then Echo went after Smokey very aggressively. My husband and I had to break it up. I have seen some more dominant behavior out of Echo recently I guess since he is no longer a puppy.

Echo tries to eat Smokey's food all the time. Smokey doesn't care about Echo's treats or want them at all.

It surprised me so now I don't give treats unless Echo is outside. I can't have my two pets fight like that.

Any suggestions? It really scared me that Echo would go into attack mode against my dear cat. I told Smokey in the beginning that he was not to hurt Echo. Smokey won't but I don't want him hurt.

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Re: Sheltie and the Cat

Postby Ronna58 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:25 am

If this is a new onset behaviour, I would suggest having your Sheltie assessed by your vet. There may be a medical reason for this. Other than giving treats separately, I would try giving a treat at the same time for both. With my kitten and my three Shelties, the kitten's food is up on the dryer because I know the dogs would eat it. The kitten is well able to jump to get up and I need to keep it up as she grazes.
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Re: Sheltie and the Cat

Postby karanne » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:30 pm

Thank you Ronna. Echo has a thorough exam by his vet every few months, no physical reasons for this. There have been no more episodes between Echo and the cat. The cat dominated Echo when he was small, so I think there may be some regaining dominance happening now that he is bigger. They play most of the time, so there is no constant struggle. I think this was a one time event. So far so good now. Thanks!

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