sheltie spastic

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sheltie spastic

Postby Frankly » Fri May 20, 2016 9:24 pm

We have our second sheltie, A blue merle, We named blue... She will not play in the back yard, would for a while . as a puppy but as she grew older ( 2 yrs old now) she grew increasingly timid . I once approached a recycling bin on the sidewalk to place someones escaping recycling back in, and she seem to have a panic attack and twisted out of her harness... has lots of energy , but walks and playing ball in the house are the only way to burn this off. If I let her out for a leak, and I leave an inanimate object on the deck, Rake , lawnmower, anything like that, she seems terrified of it, she is a beautiful dog. I receive compliments frequently, but its frustrating to see a whole world out there for the dog to enjoy, and see her a prisoner of these fears.... suggestions anyone?

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