Puppy with too much energy

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Puppy with too much energy

Postby BroMTL » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:00 pm

So I got my Sheltie puppy Brodie for about 3 weeks now (he is 9 weeks old). He had his first set of shots and we are going next week for the second set. He has high energy and we dont know what we can do to help him release it. We play tug of war and with a laser but we live in a medium appartement so it’s not easy to run inside. He gets bored after 10 minutes and just want to nip us or he barks at us. He clearly needs to go outside and spend that energy. Do you guys have any idea of what we can do on a daily basis until he has all his shots? I know they call this period “crazy puppy period” but there must be something we can do.
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Re: Puppy with too much energy

Postby Anto » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:28 am

Hi :)

Oh where to begin! :D But first congratulations on getting yourself the most beautiful breed ever :) They will love you to bits :)

My Mia loved it when I'd blow bubbles, she loved to chase them, hide and seek they love (just don't scare them too much); chasey is an old fav (but not too rough so he doesn't hurt himself - or you :D), using one of the balls that you hide the treats in (lifesaver!).... If I think I anymore, I'll let you know :)

All the best

Antoinette :)

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