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Timid older female needing help

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:17 pm
by Richie
Hello. Been a long time since I joined and posted. I had a brother/sister pair of shelties who would turn 11 this September. Max, our boy, was in perfect health until last Friday. Long story short, we had to put him to sleep after discovering a rare sarcoma inside his right atrium, along with another tumor. Both The were blocking the mitral valve to R. Ventricle causing a host of problems. Over 3 days we had him to an oncologist and cardiologist, and prognosis was grave. Any excitement (for max it was just seeing my wife or myself anytime) would elevate pulse to 180” labored breathing and a stroke, or other life threatening event was likely.
So, his sister, Cleo, has been Max’s playmaTe. Max was also the instigator whereas Cleo would occasionally run and play, but because of a couple serious injuries over the years, her interest in playing has been non existent.. she prefers just lying around, but did spend time with Max. NEITHER. Dog ever really got into toys, chasing balls, etc. I took out a couple chews and older stuffed dog toys but she shied away from them
So I’m looking for suggestions that we might do to stimulate her, train her to do something, to fill the void. My wife works, I’m a Retired disabled vet but Do get out often. We plan on spending more time with her, walking her more often, but would welcome any ideas yalll have that we could consider.
She’s going on 11 yrs, a little over weight, but can run (despite metal rod in rear leg following ACL injury 3 yrs ago).
Thanks for letting me ramble. Max’s absence is still so fresh and we want to help Cleo adjust as well.
Thank you very much