House training and biting!!!!!

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Re: House training and biting!!!!!

Postby birdfeeder77 » Fri May 04, 2012 7:51 pm

Well we have been 3 weeks without an accident but I don't trust him yet. He really gives no indication he has to go but once in awhile. He will walk to the door going to our garage and whine, which I don't get because we always go out the back glass door for potty time. I sure hope he is learning. He does grab my pants and skirts when I am getting ready for work and when I walk through the house sometimes he just lunges on the back of my legs constantly while I'm walking. The biting has gotten just a little better. I have been trying to ignore him and walk away or turn my back to him when he starts. Sometimes he gets in his little moods where he is a terror. He runs around the house around the living room and the furniture as fast as he can. Usually every night, even after a full day of playing and a few walks. After he makes a few laps he darts towards me and lunges on me and starts biting and going after me. He comes up behind me if I am on the floor and nips the backs of my arms or my back. This is when he won't stop so in his little cage he goes!
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Re: House training and biting!!!!!

Postby dkean » Tue May 15, 2012 4:38 pm

You are describing what our Amber Lee does to a T. She will be five months old May 19. She does the biting,the zoomies inside and outside. She won't stop until we put her in her crate for a nap. We haven't been able to find her off button. ;) We had five puppies before her and one of them was a sheltie. She lived 12 years. None of the other dogs had as much energy as Amber Lee has. The energizer bunny couldn't keep up with Amber Lee.
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Re: House training and biting!!!!!

Postby cookieZM » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Hi, I notice this post is quite old but appreciate if anyone can advise us. We just got a sheltie puppy and we are facing the same issue. Our sheltie is now 14-weeks old. We are training her indoors with pee pad. When we are around, she will pee and poop on the pee pad and we give her treat. But when we are in another room away from her, she just pees anywhere she likes.

As for the biting, now she does not bite at our ankles anymore. However, she will still bite whenever we try to pet her. So the only time we can pet her is while one hand is giving her treats, we can use the other hand to pet her. Please help if you have any idea. Thanks.
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Re: House training and biting!!!!!

Postby Hanne » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:31 am

Now my English very bad so hope others come on the pitch.

You have a perfectly normal puppy, you can not expect that she fully understands what a pee pad is yet - I think it's fine she does it when you are around.

Have you no opportunity to take her outside too ??

A young puppy need to be taken out to pee/poop many, many times each time after meals, slept and played so she need to come outside.

They must also normally out at night at least once.

Biting helps when she gets changed teeth, but be sure to have more good chew things, which also gives her in her mouth when she will bite.

It is very important you give her the opportunity to come out and experience something and get sniffed a lot, a Sheltie is a wonderful, but very active little dog that requires experiences.
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