Potty training issues after neutering

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Potty training issues after neutering

Postby ErinFaz » Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:44 am

Hello Sheltie Group! I am a new sheltie owner, and have an almost 10 month old sheltie pup named Buckley. While Buckley is a great dog, it took us a while to get him 100% potty trained. My husband and I both work, and we have a cat, so for the first 7 months or so we would crate him during the day and at night so he would be safe and have no accidents in the house. Around 7-8 months we felt we could trust him, and left him out of the crate during the day and at night. My husband or I would check on him every few hours and he seemed to be doing great. About a month ago, we got him neutered. We noticed the first week he was having accidents in the house, but we thought it was just side effects from the surgery. As he healed, and things seemed back to normal, the accidents have progressed. He is even peeing in the house now (he NEVER did this before). We haven't changed anything, not his routine, or his diet. and he still poops/pees on our walks. The accidents seem to occur while we are not home, or while we are asleep. My question is - is this normal? I have read you need to go back to potty training 101 - I really don't want to start crating him during the day and at night again, but I'm not sure what else to do to save my carpets and floors. Help!! Thanks, Erin Fazio

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