Hair loss and thin tail

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Hair loss and thin tail

Post by WonkyJen » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:38 pm


I'm a newbie here, so hope you can help :)

I have the most wonderful old tri-colour sheltie - he's nearly 12, and the perfect old gent! He's in great health...not quite as bouncy as he was, but still loves a good old ramble, and I am often stopped by people (non-sheltie owners admitted) to ask how old my cute puppy is!

But his coat has thinned, and doesn't 'flow' as it did, and his poor tail has shed all of its former glory...and now looks like a sad old piece of tinsel! It's a mere boney thing with a few strands straggling down :( He also has thinning around his collar. He doesn't itch, is not sore or red or irritated by it in anyway, and is happy and healthy other signs of thyroid deficiency/cushings.

Any ideas? Is it just old age? And advice on supplements that could help? Any conditioners? Would coconut oil help (on his coat, not ingested!)

Thanks for any advice :) x

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Re: Hair loss and thin tail

Post by daiveel » Wed May 16, 2018 5:19 am


I recently buy a puppy and I am a little bit confused about my puppy's grooming and I have some query about it:
For what reason Does Dog Hate Going to the Pet Grooming Salon? For what reason Does it Look Like Hair is Growing Inside My Dog's Ear Canal?
Please give some suggestions.???

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