Staph and Shaving

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Staph and Shaving

Postby Cherry » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:05 am

So... I have a young sheltie. Two years. We have been dealing with a recent diagnosis of elbow dysplasia. Then a couple of weeks ago she broke out in blisters, maybe 30-40, this size of a large pea. Especially in her chest and under the front legs, but they were all over. She was diagnosed with a systemic staph infection and put on two weeks of antibiotics. It cleared up and the last scabs came off three days ago. Yesterday I noticed new blisters appearing, and this time they seem sore. She's never been itchy throughout this ordeal. So, we will probably be doing some more testing to see what is going on.
So with all that, I'm wondering about shaving. I'm not jumping into it. We will wait until after we figure this out. But I can see that her hair is hot and messy where the blisters pop. And it holds the scabs in next to her skin. I am aware that the general consensus is to never shave a sheltie, that this will take away the protection provided by her coat, that her coat may not grow back the same and will take a long time to do so. And she won't be beautiful. But right now, I'm wondering. Poor girl is on a ton of supplements to keep her elbows lubricated, limps when cold fronts come through, really I'm just glad we still have her. She's a therapy dog and visits the VA hospital in a baby carriage to keep the wear down on that elbow. Any thoughts on this perhaps being a case where, if this is an issue with her immune system and it keeps coming back, it might be best to keep her in a puppy cut? The vet is concerned about her immune system because she's not an itchy dog.... This infection just appeared out of no where.

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