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Post by Shetland » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:08 am

🐾 Some of my absolute favorite grooming combs and rakes that I use for my pair of darling Sheltie sister′s double∙coat fur are actually for a horse′s tail and mane! 🐎

⊱⊱⊱ These fantastic combs have exceptionally l∙o∙n∙g and safely rounded teeth that are ideal for getting entirely down to their skin through all of their fur . . . and the ¢o$t for these *equine* grooming tools is usually better than in the dog′s assortment.

🐾 And I also seriously LOVE using mane + tail brushes that have really l∙o∙n∙g bristles . . . especially when my pair of little Sheltie sisters are *blowing* their dense winter❄️coats.  
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