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Bladder Incontinence

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:07 pm
by Rebekah
I have a 9-yo sable Sheltie named Sandi. She has not had any health issues in the past, but lately has had issues with urinary incontinence. I took her to our vet and they ran tests. They did say she had a UTI and she was treated for that, as well as given Proin for incontinence. They also did bloodwork which did not show anything (cancer, etc). Her UTI cleared up, but she continues to have leaking, especially when she's asleep. The vet said that in some older dogs it is to be expected and that we could keep her on Proin. Our daughter had a Sheltie years ago that had the same issue and they ended up having to put her down (other issues were involved). :(

When we are home, we take her out every hour, making sure that she goes; but, there are times that doesn't help. She smells like a small child that has wet their pants. My husband said to ask a Sheltie forum about this since Shelties are "special" and there might be someone who could suggest what to do.