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Sheltie Wallpaper

Piper at the beach

Cute Sheltie Wallpaper

Piper in the grass

Free Sheltie Wallpaper

Howard sleeps

Shelties: The Complete Pet Owner's Guide Ebook Cute Dog Wallpaper

Howard on the beach

Free Puppy Wallpaper

Howard chews a stick

Cute Dog Desktop Background

Bandit plays (by Maygun Photography)

Shetland Sheepdog Wallpaper

Leo and Misty watching the chickens (by Tiffany Ledwidge)

Sheltie in The Snow

Benny in the snow (by MHG Photography)

Running Shetland Sheepdogs

Benny Jr and his mom Reese (by MHG Photography)

Sheltie Peek a Boo

Sheltie Peek a Boo (by MHG Photography)

Author Bio

Becky Casale is the author of Sheltie Planet and Science Me. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, their two children, and their Sheltie Piper.

Shelties: The Complete Pet Owner's Guide Ebook