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Sheltie Planet is a blog run by Becky Casale and Pete Casale, a couple of Sheltie fanatics based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm Becky, the creator of Sheltie Planet. I'm a blogger, a zoology student and mum of two human babies and two fur babies. I've been in love with Shelties for 11 years, ever since I met our first furball, Howard Woofington Moon.

Take a moment to read about the early years of Howard and Piper here. If you'd like to support our work, please download my Sheltie Anthology for everything you need to know about raising a Sheltie.

I also have a passion for evolutionary biology and the natural sciences. So if you like my style, do check out my other blog at Science Me with illustrated explainers on all aspects of science under the sun.

Becky Casale

This site also benefits from a Pete. Pete independently designs websites and mobile apps for a living. He's also a student of philosophy and a lifelong animal lover. He contributes to Sheltie Planet by helping me with the technical stuff like web design, hosting and security. The website wouldn't look nearly this flash without him!

Pete Casale

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