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About Shelties

Shetland Sheepdogs are sensitive, smart, and easy to train. They're loyal family dogs and good with kids if you socialize them as puppies.

As a small dog breed, Shelties stand 13-16 inches (33-41cm) at the shoulder and have a moderate need for exercise of 30-60 minutes off-leash per day. Browse the articles below for more information on Shetland Sheepdogs.

10 Things to Know About Shelties

10 Things to Know About Shelties

They may be small dogs, but Shelties have a lot going on in the brains department, making them highly sensitive and easy to train.

The Sheltie Coat Colors

The Sheltie Coat Colors

Here's a showcase of the standard Sheltie colors: Pure Sable, Mahogany Sable, Tri Color, Blue Merle, Bi Black, and Bi Blue.

The Shetland Sheepdog FAQ

The Shetland Sheepdog FAQ

Common questions and answers about Shelties. Temperament, lifespan, health, grooming, puppies, training, and more.

How to Clicker Train Your Sheltie

Clicker Train Your Sheltie

Clicker training is a gentle method of psychological conditioning ideal for Shelties learning obedience.

How to Socialize a Shy Sheltie Dog

Socializing a Shy Sheltie

Missing the critical window to socialize a Sheltie puppy is a huge loss. But there are ways to help build his confidence slowly.

10 Things I Love About Shelties

10 Things I Love About Shelties

Shelties are small dogs with a sweet expression and lots of fur. They're sensitive, eager, and highly vocal. Here's what else I love.

A Brief History of Shelties

A Brief History of Shelties

History confirms Shelties are not mini Collies! They're the descendants of Scandinavian dogs imported to the Shetland Islands 300 years ago.

Blue Merle Shelties: Photos, Colors & Genetics

Blue Merle Shelties

Did you know that Blue Merle Shelties are actually Tri Colors in disguise? The black in their coat has been diluted by the Merle gene.

7 Facts About Miniature Shelties

7 Facts About Mini Shelties

Miniature Shelties, aka Toy Shelties, are an unofficial variation of the Sheltie breed standard that measuring under 13 inches tall.

Are Shelties High Maintenance Dogs?

Are Shelties High Maintenance?

At first glance, Shelties can appear high maintenance dogs requiring a team of groomers, a therapist, and a personal assistant.

Are Shelties Good Family Dogs?

Are Shelties Good Family Dogs?

As family dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs are an energetic breed with a playful spirit and charming personality.

Cool Dog Games to Play with Shelties

Cool Dog Games for Shelties

Many dogs love to play fetch but Shelties are far more idiosyncratic! Try these games for Shelties that reward their herding instinct.