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Our Shelties, Howard and Piper, are already the subject of many cute Sheltie videos. I'm building a collection on You Tube - find them all on the Sheltie Planet channel. Here are a few of my favorite videos so far...

The Howard Montage

This cute video is a montage of Howard growing up, from an 8-week-old puppy to a beautiful adult dog. It also features a little of his brother, Piper, who we adopted at 9 months old. But mostly it's all about Howard and his puppy days... I also adore the music to this video, Sleeper, a beautiful piano song written and performed by Peter.

DOwnload the Music: "Sleeper" by Casale

The First Year of The Brothers Woofington Moon

Here's another awesome Sheltie video which Peter made for me for last Christmas. It features 150+ rapid fire pictures of Howard and Piper in their puppy days, set to an original piano song by Peter called Shelties. An amazing song!

Download the Music: "Shelties" by Casale

The Howard Song

This is a Howard classic. I feel I should prepare you for what you are about to see but somehow there aren't words... If you're expecting a cutesy Sheltie video, think again. This is an animated clip of Howard Woofington Moon in concert! This is what doggy dreams are made of!


To hear about all our latest Sheltie videos on You Tube - just visit the Sheltie Planet channel and click Subscribe. Please take a moment to comment and rate our videos to help spread the word about gorgeous Shetland Sheepdogs!



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Becky Turner is the creator of Sheltie Planet. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, Peter, and their son, Fox. Becky is 100% owned by Howard and Piper Woofington Moon, the Shelties who inspired this site. Visit them on Facebook or The Sheltie Planet Forums.


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