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FURminator Review

By Rebecca Turner

Find out how the patented FURminator grooming tool is different from the rest - and how it performs on the double Sheltie coat.

The FURminator is a modern grooming tool which is excellent for dogs with thick double coats. The high tech design enables it to strip away loose undercoat better than any other brush, comb or rake, reducing shedding by up to 90%. Here's a close up:


The FURminator Review


We use the FURminator regularly on our Shelties to remove the old undercoat, to speed up the grooming process, and to keep more fluff off the furniture. Here's a video of the brush in action:



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Why FURminate?

Your Sheltie has a thick luxurious undercoat which requires frequent grooming, and is at it's worst when he sheds his winter coat (and just after every heat cycle in females).

This can easily become a dense mass of loose, dead hair that eventually ends up all over your house, furniture and clothes.

A quick FURmination

Howard after a FURmination

Frequent grooming during shedding season keeps your dog cool and helps ensures the fur ends up in one big pile - and not all over your house!

The FURminator grabs the loose undercoat and removes it without damaging the topcoat. It brings out your Sheltie's natural oils, leaving a shiny and healthy topcoat. Howard and Piper find it about as objectionable as any other brush I use on them and generally sit or lay pretty well. I'm careful to gently run it in long strokes down the length of their backs mostly - and never drag the brush against the fur.

It is really good on their dense furry haunches too. It's actually kind of ridiculous how much fur you can extract off the little butt of a shedding Sheltie.

Incidentally, I don't use it on their sensitive bellies or ears where there is little or no undercoat. Just use your usual pin brush or comb on these parts.

How It Works

So what is different about the design of this brush? I asked Kate Flores, Assistant Product Manager at FURminator Inc, who told me:

Which Brush?

FURminator Inc has a number of grooming tools for different size cats and dogs.

The FURminator Range

We use the Medium Dog FURminator for Long Hair on our Shelties and it does the job. Be sure you buy a genuine FURminator from Amazon - there are cheaper versions on eBay but being counterfeit these do not use the same patented technology or safety standards.

Order your genuine FURminator at Amazon


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