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Sheltie Puppy Training Reviews

By Becky Turner

What are the best Sheltie puppy training books? Here are my top picks.

There are tons of dog training philosophies out there, and I certainly haven't evaluated them all. But as a dog blogger I've had a good few sent my way and these are my favorite so far:


Clicker Training

Clicking With Your Dog: Step-By-Step in Pictures

The #1 Clicker Training Book on Amazon

Clicker training is a powerful yet gentle dog training method based on the scientifically proven method of operant conditioning, using positive reinforcement. I used it to train my Shelties for all kinds of obedience tasks, including recall and reducing fear (of children in Piper's case). The best thing about the clicker method is once your dog gets to know it, you'll find it very easy to entrain all kinds of new behaviors using a simple click.


Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog Training

The Comprehensive Dog Training eCourse

Secrets to Dog Training is the most popular online dog training program. It's user-friendly and covers an extensive list of training topics. Included in the course are consultations with real dog owners with advice on nipping, chewing, excessive barking and separation anxiety which are all common issues with Sheltie puppies.



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