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Sheltie Training Basics: How to
Effectively Train Your Sheltie Dog

  By Becky Turner Visit The Sheltie Forums

Sheltie training should be a relatively easy task, because the Shetland Sheepdog is the world's 6th most intelligent dog - and has a burning desire to please its owner.

The problems arise when you're not communicating how you want your Sheltie to behave - and they take it upon themselves to decide the right way.

Here you'll find many expert articles on puppy dog training to set the ground rules early, so there are no misunderstandings between you and your new pet dog. We start off with common puppy issues (like chewing, whining and housebreaking) and move on to the bad habits that dogs can develop (like barking, jumping and begging).

Sheltie Puppy Training

Most of the dog training issues described here relate to Sheltie puppies, and will probably come up at some point when they're young.

Sheltie Puppy Training Reviews - Discover the best Sheltie puppy training resources for your sensitive little pooch! Includes comparisons of the top dog training courses available online.

The Basics of Sheltie Puppy Training - How to build mutual trust by bonding with your Shetland Sheepdog before you start training him.

House Training a Puppy - How to toilet train your puppy dog the easy way with as few accidents as possible!

Stop Shelties ChewingHow to Stop Your Sheltie Chewing - Teach your Sheltie puppy the difference between toys and electric cables.

How to Stop Your Sheltie Whining - Expert advice on identifying why your puppy or adult Sheltie whines, and how to deal with this conditioned behavior.

Dealing with Nipping and Play Biting - Stop your Sheltie puppy biting or nipping at unsuspecting visitors, including children.



Sheltie Training for Adult Dogs

As your Sheltie matures, they may present new challenges for you, like constant barking or ignoring you when you call their name.

The Dog Whisperer Review - My Dog Whisperer review (Season One). What I've learned from Cesar Millan's dog-umentary and his simple dog training techniques and how it relates to Shelties.

How to Stop Your Sheltie Barking - Learn to stop your Sheltie barking on command, even when the neighbors cat is dancing on the lawn.

How to Stop Your Sheltie Jumping - Not all your house guests will be dog lovers who can appreciate your Sheltie jumping up at them.

How to Overcome Fear of Leash Walking - How to deal with fear and nervousness of the leash, seen in mistreated Shelties.

Dealing with Separation AnxietyDealing with Separation Anxiety - Nervous Shelties can go crazy when their master and companion leave the house.

Dealing with Aggression - While most well-bred Shelties are submissive and placid, some can learn to become quite dominant.

Cool Dog Games - Some super fun Sheltie games to stimulate your dog's mind and body, and strengthen the bond between you.

Clicker Training - What is clicker training and how does it work? Learn about this amazingly simple method of obedience training right here.

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