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Shetland Sheepdog Breeders in The UK

Here is a list of Shetland Sheepdog breeders in the UK. Please contact your nearest breeder directly to inquire about Sheltie puppies for sale.

Before you buy a Sheltie puppy, do your research and ensure you aren't supporting a backyard breeder (or worse, a puppy mill). Unfortunately we can't guarantee the authenticity of every breeder listed on this site. Be sure to find a professional breeder who cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of their Shelties and are not in it for the money. They often show their dogs and do advance genetic testing to ensure the health of all puppies.

Breeder Name: Arcot Shelties
Location: Morpeth, Northumberland
Phone: 01670 514 987
Email: arcot.shelties[at]

Breeder Name: Ballidorn Beardies and Shelties
Location: Benllech Bay, Anglesey
Phone: 01248 852 029
Email: margaret[at]

Breeder Name: Blenmerrow Shelties
Location: Sittingbourne, Kent
Phone: 01795 843 100
Email: blenmerrow[at]

Breeder Name: Castlerose Shelties
Location: Shropshire
Phone: N/A
Email: shelties[at]

Breeder Name: Dippersmoor Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: Sidmouth, Devon
Phone: 01395 514 266
Email: thomas[at]

Breeder Name: Dukeson Shelties
Location: N/A
Phone: N/A
Email: dukesonshelties[at]

Breeder Name: Edglonian Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: Stockport, Cheshire
Phone: 01614 409 561
Email: N/A

Breeder Name: Evaldos Shelties
Location: Southampton, Hampshire
Phone: 07815 628 811
Email: N/A

Breeder Name: Felthorn Shelties
Location: Ipswitch, Suffolk
Phone: 01473 824 076
Email: thornleys[at]

Breeder Name: Fleurdemai Shelties
Location: Aldershot, Hampshire
Phone: 01252 315 011
Email: fleurdemail[at]

Breeder Name: Foxstone Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: Abergele, North Wales
Phone: 01492 680 687
Email: foxstyle1234[at]

Breeder Name: Japaro Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: Glendevon, Clacks, Scotland
Phone: 01259 781 233
Email: margonixon[at]

Breeder Name: Jotars Aussies, Collies & Shelties
Location: Hayle, Cornwall
Phone: 01736 756 043
Email: kbsjjotars[at]

Breeder Name: Mistyisle Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: North Wales
Phone: N/A
Email: shelties[at]

Breeder Name: Pepperhill Shelties
Location: Woodthorpe, Nottingham
Phone: 01159 524 888
Email: info[at]

Breeder Name: Sandwick Shelties
Location: Shropshire
Phone: 01630 698 003
Email: N/A

Breeder Name: Sheltysham Shelties
Location: Ramsey, Cambridgeshire
Phone: 01354 677 355
Email: sheltysham[at]

Breeder Name: Tachnamadra Shetland Sheepdogs
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Phone: 01484 606 638
Email: maureen[at]

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