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The Sheltie Anthology

The Sheltie Anthology

Discover everything you need to know about Shelties with our massive 140-page ebook guide.

Jam-packed with Shelties photos, it's also a photo album of 100+ of our reader's gorgeous furballs.

Get your PDF download instantly. Your US$5 will top-up Howard and Piper's kibble fund, and at the same time support our work here at Sheltie Planet.


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When you buy The Sheltie Anthology, you'll also receive our print-at-home poster "Do Not Feed: Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs". Stay safe when feeding your Sheltie.

Do Not Feed: Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

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Becky, Piper and Howard at Pakiri Beach

Photo Contributions - Special Thanks!

Judith Gero, Shelton Shelties, Krystal Schauer, Shari Morris Clapp, Linda Ashley, Laura McConnell, Sue Jonas Miller, Mary Suzanne Martin, Marilyn Vaughan Johnson, Linda Bolt, Dajr Colucci, Carley Joanne, Oli Kaeva, Betty Recker Lee, Jackie Gutknecht Schultz, Ellen Mitchell, Drew Hoover, Amy Willfahrt, Barb Vaughan, Tina Towers, Bluebell, Robyn Anderson, Anke Vermulst, Aurora Tyttebaer, Matt Spindler, Esther Linssen, Jackie Powell, Cindy Konkol Strittmatter, Chrysti Hydeck-Nethercutt, Jaelyn Hardy, Eugenie Lam, Lenny Martin, Shannon Kilcup, Elizabeth Lee, Jane Mandabach Roberts, Erin Mehrten, Janet Mcandrew-Perkins, Didi Nahir, Melinda Gump Masino, Suzanne Falk, Amanda Jo, Dianne Hannaford, Gill Breen, Fey Belle, Suzanne Mavris, Jenn Meirndorf, Sarah Easley, Joanna Thompson, Natali Ferrari, Cristy Corso, Anaid RN, Sandy Blum, Kristie Johnson, Martha Mullen Davis, and Tracey Dery.