Shelties Saved From The Dog Meat Trade

A guest article by Finn's Mom.

I've rescued a number of dogs from the horrors of the dog meat industry in South Korea. But I was especially shocked when I saw the pictures posted by a rescuer who came across a group of Collies and Shelties.

The dogs were starving, neglected and faced a horrible death, penned up on a concrete pad.

The Shelties and Collies before they were rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea

The Shelties and Collies before they were rescued from the dog meat trade.

I found out about the unbelievable practice of torturing dogs after being asked to sign a petition to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The locals believe that the fear the dog feels before being killed pumps adrenaline through their bodies, making their meat more tender and making the eater more virile and cooling their bodies. Of course, such horrendous beliefs are completely irrational.

After researching the dog meat industry, I found out that dog meat festivals are common in Asian countries. Unbelievably, protests against such festivals have been met with apathy or violence.

But there are volunteer rescuers out there trying to help. Often a lone woman, she will take the risk upon herself to save however many dogs she can. Rescuers know that the only safe dog is a dog that is no longer living in that country. Rescuers make arrangements and get the proper medical care and documents to ship the dogs to the USA and Canada. They are then rehomed with loving families.

A Rescue Worker Who Fights Against The Dog Farming Industry

A Rescue Worker Who Fights Against The Dog Farming Industry.

The pictures and videos coming out of the dog meat industry are hard to watch. They will stay with you forever, as they have done with me. But turning a blind eye does nothing to alleviate their pain.

This particular group of Collies and Shelties broke my heart because as we know, these breeds are especially sensitive, gentle and intelligent dogs. What they went through is indescribable.

The full grown Collies were only a few pounds and had the look of death about them. Their eyes were dry and sunken. They were too weak, too broken, to even be afraid any more. My heart went out to them.

I sent a message to the rescuer that I wanted to adopt one of the dogs. She sent me photos of this little boy, too weak to stand, just a bag of bones.

Finn Was Rescued from The Dog Meat Trade

Finn Was Rescued from The Dog Meat Trade.

She managed to slowly strengthen him enough to take the long journey out of South Korea and to the United States.

And that's how Finn and I found each other. We picked up Finn from JFK and brought him home to Pennsylvania. The next morning he took his first steps on green grass—free, safe and on the road to being a happy, healthy dog.

Finn Takes His First Steps on Green Grass

Finn Takes His First Steps on Green Grass.

He was so small back then. His ribs were showing and he had an unhealthy coat and dull eyes. He tried to run but because of his terrible start in life, he could only take a few steps before having to lay down and rest.

We took him to the vet right away and put him on a good diet. To our joy, he improved so quickly in every way. A trip to our groomer revealed the beauty that was meant to be.

Finn Relaxes in His Favorite Spot by The Fireplace

Finn Relaxes in His Favorite Spot by The Fireplace.

I look at Finn now, running around, playing with his toys and keeping track of all our other dogs. I think how just a few more days where he was and he wouldn't have made it.