Sheltie Puppies for Sale Near You

Remember that professional breeders:

  • Produce few litters per year
  • Seek to produce champions
  • Focus on health and temperament
  • Perform genetic screening
  • Do vet checks and vaccinations
  • Sell face-to-face at the kennels
  • Are experts in a specific breed

Meanwhile, puppy mills:

  • Produce countless litters per year
  • Oversupply the pet trade
  • Ignore genetic screening
  • Ignore vet checks and vaccinations
  • Forge certificates and photos
  • Run crowded and unsanitary kennels
  • Sell online or via pet stores
  • Produce designer dogs and novelty pets

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Becky Casale is the creator of Sheltie Planet and Science Me. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, their two children, and their Sheltie, Piper.

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