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How to Train Your Sheltie

By Rebecca Turner - download her Sheltie Anthology today

Training a Sheltie is relatively easy because they're such intelligent and easy-to-please dogs. Problems only tend to arise when you miscommunicate how you want your Sheltie to behave. With this in mind, let's take a look at expert approaches to dog psychology and obedience training.

The Essentials of Sheltie Puppy Training

The Basics of Sheltie Puppy Training

It's essential for Shetland Sheepdog owners to know what factors affect your relationship with your Sheltie puppy very early on. Learn how to build mutual trust by bonding with your Shetland Sheepdog before you start training him.

Housetraining a PuppyHow to Housetrain Your Puppy

House training a puppy means teaching her to pee and poop outdoors - and not inside the house on your lovely cream carpets. Discover the most popular ways to toilet train your puppy with as few accidents as possible.

Stop Shelties ChewingHow to Stop Your Sheltie Chewing

Not all dogs feel the inclination to chew. Some find it a very satisfying activity, while others do a little chewing as puppies and then grow out of it. Teach your Sheltie puppy the difference between chew toys... and electric cables.

How to Stop Your Sheltie WhiningHow to Stop Your Sheltie Whining

Is your Sheltie whining whenever you leave her alone in the house? Do you have a new puppy who constantly whimpers when you put her in her crate? Find expert advice on why your Sheltie whines and how to deal with it.

Dealing with Nipping and Play BitingDealing with Nipping and Play Biting

Nipping and play biting is when your puppy mouths at your hands and clothes. It's very common in puppies, but can also occur in older dogs that haven't been taught proper bite inhibition. Learn how to stop your Sheltie puppy biting or nipping at unsuspecting visitors.

Dog Whisperer ReviewThe Dog Whisperer Review

Cesar Millan deals with a range of problems in this TV show, from excessive barking to dog aggression. Each episode features two misbehaving dogs who undergo massive personality changes. Here's what I've learned about Shelties from Cesar's techniques.

How to Stop Your Sheltie BarkingHow to Stop Your Sheltie Barking

Do you have a problem with your Sheltie barking incessantly? Here are two simple solutions that can immediately help curb this unwanted behavior. Learn to stop your Sheltie barking on command, even when the neighbors cat is dancing on the lawn.

How to Stop Your Sheltie JumpingHow to Stop Your Sheltie Jumping

Is your Sheltie jumping up to greet you when you come home? Does he try to get in the face of house guests? Does he pester young children? Not everyone appreciates your Sheltie jumping up at them. Here's how to curb this behavior.

Fear of Leash Walking in SheltiesHow to Overcome Fear of Leash Walking

There are many dogs out there who are afraid of the leash - resulting in neurotic, fearful and submissive behavior whenever it's time for walkies. Find out how to deal with fear and nervousness of the leash, something often seen in mistreated Shelties.

Dealing with Separation AnxietyDealing with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common problems that dogs develop. It's an anxiety disorder, defined as a state of intense panic brought on by the dog's separation from her owner. Nervous Shelties can go particularly crazy. Find out what you can do to help them.

Dealing with Sheltie AggressionDealing with Dog Aggression

All dogs are instinctively aggressive creatures. In the wild, aggression came in very handy. As domesticated dogs, many Shelties are naturally submissive and placid. However, some can suffer trauma and regress to this wilder state of aggression.

Cool Dog GamesCool Dog Games

If we throw a ball for our Shetland Sheepdogs, they'll rarely retrieve it. That's Shelties for you! So how does your Sheltie like to play? Here are some super fun games to stimulate your dog's mind and body, and strengthen the bond between you.

Clicker Training a SheltieClicker Training

Clicker training is a gentle, conditional training method that uses only positive reinforcement to teach your dog new behaviors. Find out how clicker training works and how to use this simple method of obedience training with your Sheltie.

Sheltie Puppy Training ReviewsSheltie Puppy Training Reviews

There are many dog training philosophies these days, so it can be hard figuring out which are the best methods to use on our sensitive little Shelties. Find the best Sheltie puppy training resources for your sensitive little pooch.

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