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68 Sheltie Breeders in Canada: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and More

Search our 2018 list of Sheltie breeders in Canada. Shetland Sheepdog breeder listings include Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

Shetland Sheepdog Breeders in Canada

Shelties in The Woods by Kaylee Robertson

Sheltie Breeders in Alberta, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Leona Stringer, Hearstrings Shelties Location: Calgary, Alberta Phone: 403-273-8439 Email: lstring[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: VMP Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Calgary, Alberta Phone: 406-669-8941 Email: veronap[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Keystone Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Alberta Phone: N/A Email: shelties[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Barb and Ray Selby, Prairiemist Kennels Location: Wetaskiwin, Alberta Phone: 780-352-4545 Email: rayselby[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Christina Hartley, Rolling Hills Shelties Location: Red Deer, Alberta Phone: 403-347-7148 Email: rollinghills[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Yvonna Halkow, WillowGlyn Shelties Location: Gwynne, Alberta Phone: 780-361-2205 Email: willowglyn[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Laura, Zesta Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Leduc, Alberta Phone: 780-987-4873 Email: zesta[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in British Columbia, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Brenda Newlove, CanyonView Shelties Location: Kelowna, British Columbia Phone: 306-249-9527 Email: shelties[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Azarel Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Quesnel, British Columbia Phone: N/A Email: azarel[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Judy Tulloch, Coastalview Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Brentwood Bay, British Columbia Phone: N/A Email: mzjuty[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Susan Carbert, Madselin Shelties Location: Falkland, British Columbia Phone: 250-379-2545 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Marliyn Bernard, Marpointe Location: Port Alberni, British Columbia Phone: N/A Email: mmbernd[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Rick & Robie, Ramora Shelties Location: 100 Mile House, British Columbia Phone: N/A Email: randrhambly[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Joseph C Brant, Satelier Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Hedley, British Columbia Phone: 250-292-8356 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Linda Byron, Lasair Shelties Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia Phone: 250-246-4492 Email: ljbyron[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Liana Maloney, Cincerlee Shelties Location: Sooke, British Columbia Phone: 250-642,2280 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeders in Manitoba, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Betty and Kim Sawatzky, Amberlyn Shelties Location: Springstein, Manitoba Phone: N/A Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Michelle and Dale Rogowski, Cassbar Shelties Location: Manitoba Phone: N/A Email: cassbar[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Kathy and Dave Seadon, Seabrooks Kennels Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Phone: N/A Email: seabrooks[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in New Brunswick, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Judi and Bill Byrne, Lyricisle Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Saint John, New Brunswick Phone: N/A Email: judiandbill[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Jean and Len Cormier, Nikkilen Shelties Location: Moncton, New Brunswick Phone: 506-385-3721 Email: corlen[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: H Brian and Linda A Reid, TrueSpirit Shelties Location: Hampton, New Brunswick Phone: 506-832-0521 Email: hbreid[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Roxanne and Bonnie, Genson Kennel Location: Quispamsis, New Brunswick Phone: 506-849-6146 Email: genson[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in Newfoundland, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Len, Carolyn and Liam Dooling, Silverthaw Location: Saint John's, Newfoundland Phone: N/A Email: silverthaw[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in Nova Scotia, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Candede Kennels Location: Point Edward, Nova Scotia Phone: N/A Email: candede[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Dave and Phyllis Panting, Mcfey Shelties Location: Stewiacke, Nova Scotia Phone: 902-639-2039 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Sharon Ayers, Talisker Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Phone: 902-865-4868 Email: talisker[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in Ontario, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Heather Walton, Aberdale Shelties Location: Port Rowan, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: aberdale[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Alfenloch Collies and Shelties Location: Millgrove, Ontario Phone: 905-690-6399 Email: diane[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Bellwood Shelties Location: Ameliasburg, Ontario Phone: 613-969-8190 Email: brian.watson2[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Bonny and Ted Taylor, Bonnyville Shelties Location: Dorchester, Ontario Phone: 519-268-8797 Email: bonnyville1[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Lucy Douglas, Ciara Shelties Location: Waterford, Ontario Phone: 519-443-6629 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Crinan Shelties Location: Ontario Phone: 416-525-6405 Email: info[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Bettijane Flanagan, Dalgarnoch Shelties Location: Thunderbay, Ontario Phone: 807-625-0267 Email: dalgar[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder:Debbie and Ken Vandyk, Fairfax Shelties Location: Uxbridge, Ontario Phone: 905-649-2910 Email: debbie[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Nancy Tibben, Golden Hylite Shelties Location: Orton, Onatario Phone: N/A Email: goldenhylite[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Guy Jeavons and Mark McMillan, Grand Gables Location: Wellington, Onatario Phone: 905-854-4148 Email: grandgables[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Bonnie and Jim Rector, Highledge Shelties Location: Hamilton, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: highledge[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Jessomine Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Mississauga, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: jessomine[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Sue McCleverty, Kneehi Shelties Location: Inverary, Ontario Phone: 613-353-7062 Email: kneehi[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Kim Aston and Pete Culumovic, Laureate Shelties Location: Ottawa, Ontario Phone: 613-256-2003 Email: laureate[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Pat Ljungh, Macbarra Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Kingston, Ontario Phone: 613-547-5977 Email: thepats[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Irene and Brendan Latchford, Nitelatches Shelties Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: latch4d[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Cathy Graham, Onawhim Shelties Location: Madoc, Ontario Phone: 613-473-1838 Email: meggie1[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Susan Smethurst, Palisades Kennels Location: Hamilton, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: palisade[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Allan and Sandy Dyment, Pyrview Shelties Location: Brantford, Ontario Phone: 519-758-0912 Email: pyrview[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Ravenscourt Shelties Location: Port Dover, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: james[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Lynn and Rick Doel, Regaloake Shelties Location: Brampton, Ontario Phone: 905-459-1138 Email: dogsdogs[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Sharon MacLean, Sharl's Shelties Location: Oshawa, Ontario Phone: 905-728-1352 Email: sharlsshelties[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Kathie Perron, Skyewind Shelties Location: Wellandport, Ontario Phone: 905-386-2222 Email: kat.per[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Diane Lang-Foster, Starmist Kennels Location: Plainfielf, Ontario Phone: 613-477-2251 Email: starmistkennels[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Starpen Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Ontario Phone: N/A Email: starpen[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Kim Hudgins, Stone Mills Shelties Location: Napanee, Ontario Phone: 613-378-0322 Email: kim[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Leslie Linton, Westdel Shelties Location: London, Ontario Phone: 519-474-4811 Email: N/A Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Catherin (Glover) Latreille, Winaway Shelties Location: Georgian Triangle, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: winawayshelties52[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: The Wrays, Windgate Shelties Location: Sutton, Ontario Phone: N/A Email: windgates[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Dorothy Greenaway, Greendor Shelties Location: Goderich, Ontario Phone: 519-524-6811 Email: greendor[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Robin Clemas, Hoodwink Shelties Location: Walkerton, Ontario Phone: 519-366-1016 Email: hoodwink[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Brenda L Campbell, Amanchara Shelties Location: London, Ontario Phone: 519-657-3516 Email: anamchara[at] Website:


Sheltie Breeders in Quebec, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Rachelle Rodriguez, Cory Shelties Location: Quebec Phone: 418-833-5070 Email: coryshelties[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Loraine Daignault and Philip Sioui, Eldee Shelties Location: St Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec Phone: 450-358-3649 Email: eldeeshelties[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Dany Therrien, Melodaly Location: St Leonard d'Aston, Quebec Phone: 819-399-2817 Email: infos[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Danielle Hould, Mont Carmel Location: Quebec Phone: 819-537-1502 Email: danielle.hould[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Inga Paquin, Premina Shelties Location: Lower Laurentians, Quebec Phone: 450-623-0780 Email: pinscher[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Shalligy Shelties Location: Lanaudiere, Quebec Phone: 450-752-2795 Email: shalligy[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeders in Saskatchewan, Canada

Sheltie Breeder: Wayne and Donna Lewis, Donayne Shetland Sheepdogs Location: Saskatchewan Phone: N/A Email: donayne[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Ann Elliott, Glenmorris Kennels Location: Carlyle, Saskatchewan Phone: 306-452-2858 Email: ann[at] Website:

Sheltie Breeder: Karin and Al Stever, Summerlove Shelties Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Phone: 306-384-3100 Email: kstever[at] Website:

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