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Stop Your Sheltie Eating Too Fast with a Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Does your Sheltie eat too fast? Does he suffer bloating and hiccups after meals? Here's how to slow down Mr Gobble Guts - with a slow feed dog bowl.

When they're the only dog around, dogs can be choosy about the time and speed at which they eat. There's no perception of competition. However, if you have multiple dogs in the house, he may develop a need to gooble down his food way too fast.

If so, a regular dog food bowl is not the best way to feed your pooch. Instead, a slow feed dog bowl will stop your Sheltie eating too fast and make him chew each mouthful properly.

The Problem With Eating Too Fast

If your dog eats too fast he'll have three problems:

  1. Bloating. By vacuuming up his food too fast, your Sheltie is also swallowing a lot of air, which causes bloating and hiccups.
  2. Digestion. By swallowing his food whole without chewing, your Sheltie is missing out on the first stage in the digestive process.
  3. Satisfaction. By eating and chewing normally, your dog will feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal - and wont be begging for more in 10 minutes' time.

Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Slow feed dog bowls are a relatively new invention designed to stop dogs vacuuming up their food in a matter of seconds.

The A-Mase-In-A-Bowl was designed by vets to use daily in their own clinics and as a result they're effective and durable. It promotes healthy slow eating and helps prevent bloat, regurgitation, overeating and obesity.

The maze design means your dog has to eat around the shapes, causing him to pause and chew more frequently. It's an amazingly simple solution to a frustrating problem, bringing about healthier digestion and eating habits. We highly recommended it.

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