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Bruiser and Missy

For my graduation from college, my husband surprised me with Bruiser, a Tri Colored Sheltie! By Kimberley Herr.

Bruiser, my Tri Colored Sheltie

Bruiser, my Tri Colored Sheltie

My first Sheltie I had growing up was a Sable boy. Sadly, we had to put him to sleep when he was 14 years old... and after that I knew I wanted another Sheltie, but not a Sable as it would be too sad.

Then, for my graduation from college, my husband (then fiancee) surprised me with Bruiser, a Tri Colored Sheltie!! He was my baby, and after we had my daughter, he became very protective over her.

Now, five years later we have Missy a Blue Merle Sheltie, and two kids. Bruiser and Missy play very well together, and they are my five-year-old's protectors. Any time a stranger gets close to one of the children (especially the oldest), they get between them and the stranger. Any time I have to get onto one of the kids, they get in between us!

Missy my Blue Merle Sheltie

Missy, my Blue Merle Sheltie

I wouldn't have any other dogs. Missy's new trick is escaping from the backyard, but she is so loyal that she comes back and sits on the front porch. These dogs are a bit hyper, but they are very good with the children, they let me know when there is someone or something outside, and they stay by my side and my children's side on a daily basis. I love these dogs, and if I had a bigger house I would bring more into it.

By Kimberley Herr

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