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Hi, I'm Rebecca, the creator of Sheltie Planet. I live in New Zealand with my partner Pete, our three-year-old son Fox, and our two Shetland Sheepdogs, Howard and Piper. Here's a picture of the lovely Piper licking my face. You have to be pretty charming to get away with that sort of carry on. And that he is.

To learn more about how our clan got together, read About Us. Otherwise, keep on reading for ways to get in touch with our online Sheltie community.

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Questions About Shelties

If you have a question about Shelties, please see our Sheltie FAQ or post it on our Sheltie Forums. Common questions include:

  • "How do I stop my Sheltie barking?"
  • "Should I shave my Sheltie for the summer?"
  • "How do I safely tip my Sheltie's ears?"

If you've just taken on a new Sheltie and want to learn about dog training, we recommend Daniel Steven's Secrets To Dog Training course and Clicker Training by Canis.


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Rebecca, Pete, Fox, Howard and Piper

All of us at Bethels Beach

All of us at Bethells Beach