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Hi, I'm Becky, the creator of Sheltie Planet. I live in New Zealand with two Shetland Sheepdogs, Howard and Piper. Here's a picture of Piper licking my face. You have to be pretty charming to get away with that.

My Sheltie

To learn more about how I fell in love with Shelties, see Behind The Scenes. If you enjoy this blog, I encourage you to follow our Facebook page or Twitter feed for more Sheltie fun.

We also have a friendly Sheltie Forum where you can share photos and stories, and get advice from other Sheltie lovers.

Adopting a Sheltie?

I strongly recommend checking your local Sheltie Rescue first to see if there are any Shelties in need of a home. If not, you may want to put your name down with a local Sheltie Breeder for a puppy. Our database covers the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. (If you're a breeder or shelter and need to update your contact details, please leave a comment in the Facebook box below and I'll update your listings as soon as I can.)

Remember, never buy a puppy from a pet store.

Questions About Shelties

If you have a question about Shelties, please see our Sheltie FAQ or post it on our Sheltie Forums. Common questions include:

  • "How do I stop my Sheltie barking?"
  • "Should I shave my Sheltie for the summer?"
  • "How do I safely tip my Sheltie's ears?"

If you've just taken on a new Sheltie and want to learn about dog training, we recommend Daniel Steven's Secrets To Dog Training course.


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Please post your Sheltie questions to our Facebook or Forum, as we are unable to answer all of them personally (there are just too many!)

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All of us at Bethells Beach

All of us at Bethells Beach

About The Author

Becky Turner is a writer and zoologist-in-training. Learn more about Becky here. If you'd like to support her work, check out her ebook, The Sheltie Anthology, a complete guide to everything Sheltie.