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Sheltie Traits: Bizarre Characteristics
of The Shetland Sheepdog!

  By Becky Turner Visit The Sheltie Forums

Shetland Sheepdogs are wonderfully peculiar animals. They have a unique set of Sheltie traits that sets them apart from all other dog breeds.

For instance, have you ever noticed the Sheltie smile?

Or the way Sheltie puppies love to talk when they want your attention (and I don't mean they bark - they literally sing to you!)

This section is all about the common Sheltie traits we see in our furry little fellows, often unique to this dog breed. I think you'll recognize these in your Shelties too!


The Sheltie Smile

The Sheltie SmileIs the Sheltie smile real? Can dogs really laugh? Experts say yes - but it's not for the reason we think. Take a look at the real reason behind the Shetland Sheepdog smile and its origins in wolf behavior. Plus, how we may actually be reinforcing this cute characteristic through classical conditioning, a phenomenon discovered by the Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov.

The Sheltie Talk

Sheltie TalkDoes your Sheltie talk and sing to you? While they can be nice quiet dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs can also engage in quite a bit of dog talk. To me, that's just about any noise a Sheltie makes that isn't a bark or a whine - and is, without question, absolutely adorable. They make strange but beautiful noises that to us sound like they are singing!

Why Do Shelties Sleep on Their Backs?

Why Do Shelties Sleep on Their Backs?Why do Shelties sleep on their backs with all four paws in the air? And do all dogs do it or is it just a Sheltie trait? This article includes some cute Sheltie photos of back-sleeping in action. Plus, you'll learn about the psychology of this behavior and what kind of mood your Sheltie is likely to be in when he sleeps belly-up.



Shy Dogs: Preventing Sheltie Shyness

Shy DogsShelties are notoriously shy dogs. But it doesn't have to be that way. Socializing Shelties when they're young does not take much effort, and it can seriously boost their confidence for the rest of their lives. While this nervous Sheltie trait is partially down to genetics, there is still a lot you can do to help your pooch overcome its instinctive shyness.

Water Shelties

Water SheltiesWhile many owners say that Shelties hate water, it turns out that with the right encouragement, many Shelties take to water like... well, ducks! Just like socializing puppies, if you want your pooch to become a true water Sheltie, you need to gently encourage lots of positive swimming experiences when it's young - ideally by nine months. Find out how.

53 Cute Sheltie Antics

53 Cute Sheltie AnticsToday I asked Sheltie Planet readers: What's the cutest thing your Sheltie has done recently?

What a brilliant response I received! Here are the 53 cute Sheltie antics suggested by you, dear readers...

Cute Dog Quotes

Cute Dog QuotesCheck out our awesome collection of cute dog quotes! You'll recognize the Sheltie in all of these... :) The dog quotes are here to bring a smile to your day, and also for use with our digital artwork in the Sheltie Planet Art Store. You can match your favorite quote to an array of Sheltie art - which will be professionally printed on paper or canvas by Fine Art America.

50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons

Sheltie CartoonsI'm pleased to announce the launch of a hilarious ebook called 50 Sheltie Cartoons by Rob Middleton. Packed with cute and funny Sheltie cartoons, this is a wonderful ode to Shetland Sheepdogs. As a dog lover, Rob has captured the quirky personality traits of the Sheltie and converted them into illustrations that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Other curious Sheltie quirks include:

  • The Sheltie spin - jumping and spinning in circles when they're excited (Piper does this when we come home, it looks like he's doing a Dragon Punch!)

  • Being hand shy - even the best trained Shetland Sheepdogs can be hand shy at times (this does not signify past abuse).

  • Herding children and animals - the herding instinct is strong in Shelties; ours even help round up other dogs on the beach who won't come to their owners!

  • Fear of thunderstorms and fireworks - most Shelties are on high alert when there are strange noises afoot, so keep your dog in a secure place when there is a lot of noise outside. This is not always the case though; some Shelties LOVE fireworks!

I hope you enjoy this round up of common Sheltie traits. To learn more about the characteristics of the Shetland Sheepdog, click next at the bottom of each page...


Becky TurnerAbout The Author

Becky Turner is the creator of Sheltie Planet. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, Peter, and their son, Fox. Becky is 100% owned by Howard and Piper Woofington Moon, the Shelties who inspired this site. Visit them on Facebook or The Sheltie Planet Forums.


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