Sheltie Tales - Part Two

In part two of our Sheltie stories, Coco's back with more news, plus we meet two Sheltie pairs and a tri color named Duchess.

Coco's Diary - September

September 1 - When I was having a morning nap I heard Mummy cleaning the shower room and the bathroom. OH MY GOD!! I must go!! I cannot miss any opportunities to bark at the light pull string and the moment mummy flashes the toilets!! I barked and ran around a lot. Our neighbours might have been annoyed... But there are lots of exciting things in the bathroom area and I cannot help it!! Mummy and daddy always ask me the reason. Why don't they understand???

Little Dog Barking

September 2 - I went to Staines with mummy and nanny today. We walked along the river and went to the town centre. When I go there with mummy and daddy we always go to Costa coffee and sit outside. I know this because I am a clever girl. So I led mummy and nanny to Costa coffee. I was half running to get a nice table for them. But mummy said we wouldn't sit there today. I was very disappointed.

When we were waiting for the train to go home a nice lady talked to me and stroked me. Actually she was the 5th or 6th person who admired me today. Mummy's face was beaming because she was very proud of me.

Sheltie at The Station

September 7 - I'm on holiday at the moment in the Lake District with my mummy, daddy & nanny. I haven't posted for a few days because there was no available wi-fi connection. Yesterday I climbed this mountain (The Old Man of Coniston), it was easy but it seems everyone else is tired. Today I am going to see Peter Rabbit, do you think he will be my Facebook friend?

September 7 - This is a photo of me and my new friend Peter Rabbit, I met him in Keswick in the Lake District. It was raining so I could wear my new dragon coat, do you like it ?

Sheltie with Peter Rabbit

September 12 - My mummy, daddy & nanny took me to Aira Force waterfall in the Lake District, it was quite scary near that fast flowing water but it was very beautiful there.

September 13 - I went to London with mummy and nanny Masae today.I wanted to go to Bond street with them to pop in my favourite Channel shop. But instead I stayed at nanny Joan's house and had lovely time. We had a nice chat about Lake district and did a bit of walk as well. I like staying at nanny Joan's very much. Can I sleep over when I go there next time?

September 14 - I got new collection of hats today. What do you think? I would love a modelling job if I could because every time I pose for the camera mummy gives me a yummy treat. I will go out for walkies soon.

September 15 - I found nanny's case downstairs. She is going home isn't she? I sensed it so I sat on the case to protest. Nanny gave me some pocket money and told me to be a good girl and get myself some sweets from the corner shop. Every morning I went to nanny's bed and we slept together for a few hours... tomorrow morning I cannot do that. Can I come into your bed, Daddy?

September 16 - In the park I hadn't seen any squirrels for a while, but today I saw them a lot!! When I got to my favourite squirrel area there were about 6 of them and pigeons too!! Everyone was gathering and I was the only doggie there. How good is that!! I barked and ran and ran and ran!!

Everyone ran away at once, but a squirrel came down the tree. We looked at each other for a while... should I have said "Hello?"

Mummy always tells me I have to be quiet because my barking scares them off. But I can't stop barking because it is so much fun!! Can I have one as my pet to play with?

September 17 - I found a pretty jacket and it fits me well. I wanted to go walkies in this jacket, but mummy said it would be difficult to walk. After the walkies I sat in the garden while mummy was weeding. I like sitting there... very relaxing.

September 23 - Recently, when I come across some doggies in the park mummy keeps walking, so I had to deal with them on my own. Somehow I don't feel like snapping at them very much and mummy is very pleased. Not to snap makes mummy happy, doesn't it? But still sometimes I cannot help it...

Anyway mummy keeps walking very quickly so I have to run a lot to catch up and I am knackered... zzzz. But hmmm... being friendly is good isn't it? I feel good today.

September 30 - I decided to cook vegetable soup for Daddy because he has man flu. Mummy told me to wear this hairnet to keep my hair tidy. Sweet potato, leek, mushrooms, etc... and yes! I mustn't forget this. A few pieces of doggie food always makes you feel better. I hope Daddy will like my soup.

Finn and Polly by Judith Bluhm-Brown

About this time last year, I decided that it was time for us to get a dog. My two daughters were so excited that I finally made this decision, we wasted no time go to Shenton Park Dog Refuge here in Perth, Western Australia. This is a very good refuge for dogs that will home or foster out dogs—they do not put them down no matter how long a dog has been there.

Well, we looked at several dogs and then I saw these two sweet faced Shelties in one of the pens. While all the other dogs were barking for our attention, they sat quietly by the gate and let me stroke them. I have always loved the breed but these two came as a set—they had been found wandering together and the shelter would not separate them. I thought they were so sweet but I only came for one dog, not two.

Finn and Polly My Shelties

Finn and Polly.

We went home but I couldn't get these two beauties off my mind. I thought maybe having two dogs would be good because they could keep each other company while I'm at work and the girls are at school. So the next day we went back to the shelter and adopted them.

They bring such joy to my life and are good company on weekends when my girls are at their dad's. I enjoy grooming them—it's almost meditative. I can't be happier that these two sweethearts will see their latter years in spoiled comfort.

Bruiser and Missy by Kimberley Herr

My first Sheltie I had growing up was a Sable boy. Sadly, we had to put him to sleep when he was 14 years old... and after that I knew I wanted another Sheltie, but not a Sable as it would be too sad.

Then, for my graduation from college, my husband (then fiancee) surprised me with Bruiser, a Tri Colored Sheltie!! He was my baby and after we had my daughter, he became very protective over her.

Now, five years later we have Missy a Blue Merle Sheltie and two kids. Bruiser and Missy play very well together and they are my five-year-old's protectors. Any time a stranger gets close to one of the children (especially the oldest), they get between them and the stranger. Any time I have to get onto one of the kids, they get in between us!

Missy my Blue Merle Sheltie

Missy, my Blue Merle Sheltie.

I wouldn't have any other dogs. Missy's new trick is escaping from the backyard, but she is so loyal that she comes back and sits on the front porch. These dogs are a bit hyper, but they are very good with the children, they let me know when there is someone or something outside and they stay by my side and my children's side on a daily basis. I love these dogs and if I had a bigger house I would bring more into it.

Lady Duchess by Estella Guerrero

My Sheltie Tale: Lady Duchess

Lady Duchess.

Growing up mostly in Texas, we had a herd of Collies. But now, because we lived in a mobile home, we could not get a dog any bigger than 30 lbs. So the search was on for a smaller, Collie-like dog to keep my husband company while he worked from home. Finally, I found an ad that said Shelties for sale. The breeder told me of her Sheltie puppies including a female Tri Color Sheltie that was the sweetest most lovable thing ever!

So we made a trip out to Dale, Texas, to pick what would be the best companion ever. Being an avid dog lover, I was excited about seeing the puppies. We looked at some Sable Shelties, but I was drawn to the Tri Color Sheltie called Lady Duchess. She was so cute and lovable, we made our decision. Lady Duchess would be a birthday present for my husband (at the time).

The day came for us to pick Lady Duchess up from the breeder. Taking her to her new home, Duchess got sick in the car and clung tightly to my shoulder. As we took her inside the house, my husband commented that she might bark. We put her in the master bathroom, in a corner and that was all it took for her to bark at us. Be careful what you ask for I guess!

At night I laid her on a towel with a warm bottle of water and a watch (which they say helps simulate their mother's heartbeat). But she was still too lonely. I finally gave up having her sleep in a box and let her sleep in my bed with me. How could I not love such the cutest Tri Color Sheltie?

During the day, she would lay underneath the desk of her Daddy while he was working from home. Duchess used to scratch on the wall of our mobile home until we discovered pig ears. It was kind of funny when we bought Duchess a dog bed. She tore it up by digging in it as if it were dirt.

As she grew so did her habits. She used to wait till her Daddy would go to the restroom so she could knock over the bottle of beer and drink it off the carpet. Another habit which I believe she picked up from her Daddy was burping. I thought to myself, that's not ladylike! Nonetheless, to this day, she still burps in my face. I tell people that it's her way of saying, "Thanks Mom, that was good!"  As most fur parents do, we took Duchess to basic dog training to teach her how to sit, stay and lay down. Duchess used to get worked up and would run around the house and get on top of the futon like she was at Daytona. I used to call her Duchess Andrete. We introduced Duchess to other dogs at the Dog Parks in Austin. She loved being chased and also loved to play ball.

A year later, we adopted her half-brother Baron into our family. They have the same father, but their mothers are sisters. It certainly was an adjustment on both sides. I guess Baron didn't like living under the shadow of his big sister. They had what I would call a love/hate relationship.

They were together till the summer of 2004, when I went my way and he went his. Every once in a while, I go visit Baron when I go to the Valley. When he sees me, he normally runs because he keeps thinking I have Duchess with me.

My Tri Color Sheltie

Me and Duchess, my Tri Color Sheltie.

Duchess has another funny habit—she loves to flirt with men! I swear she gets more attention than I do. I can't blame her though, she is a beaut! She can be a little bossy at times when she wants to go outside and for a Sheltie she's very dominant. If she sees a dog shorter than herself, she'll try to hump it. I used to think she was the only female to do that, but I met other Sheltie owners who said I wasn't alone.

I look forward to seeing her when I come home and I miss her when I have to go out of town for more than a couple of days. All these years that Duchess and I have been together I wouldn't have it any other way. She's the best companion I've ever had. I love her as if she were my own child. God Bless her for being a part of my life.

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